Patient Cases

The names in these cases have been changed. The case histories are however accurate. These Patient cases are selected for their interesting and sometimes complex nature. They are only a few of the types of patients I treat on a daily basis.

Ben S.    A Case of Mid-Back Pain

Ben Walked into my office back in 2006.  Pain was etched on his face, he was walking slowly with a measured gait. One look  at his face and you could easily see he was in pain. Ben was forty three at the time.    Six  months ago he had fallen unconscious just outside his home.  His wife found him on the walk and called 911.   Read More

Bob Cís   Story Ė A case of Stroke (Hemiplegia)

Bob C.  was forty-nine when he suffered a stroke.  It left him with his left side paralyzed in what is known as hemiplegia and a visual field impairment (he was blind in the left half of both eyes - hemioptia).   His two major concerns were regaining the use of his contracted left arm and hand and improving his visual field.  Read more

Ingred B.    Acne and the Menstrual Cycle

Ingred B. Is a  thirty-five year old woman who had a long standing case ( 5 years) of  acne on her face and neck. This would flare up considerably when she was either ovulating or menstruating. The acne had been getting worse over the last six months.  Read more

Patti H.  Chronic Sinusitis with Frequent Infections

Patti is a fifty Seven year old woman who after fifteen years of chronic sinusitis, frequent nasal infections, asthma and a developed sensitivity to environmental pollutants sought possible relief by using acupuncture and Chinese herbs.   As she told me, she couldnít go into home depot without experiencing her sinuses swelling because of the multitude of chemical odors in the air.  Read more