What I Do


As a Chinese  Medicine  practitioner I help my patients recover from the problem or condition that they originally come for treatment.  Because no two individuals are in the same place in their lives and the context  of the injury, disease or disorder can be different  there usually is not  one treatment strategy that fits all patients.   Because of the great variability that exists among individual patients the therapeutic strategy is  always a combination of contemporary science and the art of the practitioner to evaluate the whole patient. 

In my practice, I work with you to define the full context of your illness , current disability, disorder or disease that will provide us with the best treatment strategy.  This will depend on your age, current health, your ability to heal and recover, and the changes that you have experienced because of the condition. This includes  those that are not strictly anatomical or physiological such as changes in how the disease, disorder or injury affects your, sleep, concentration,  movement and additional   limitations caused by pain, situational stresses etc.  What occurs during a visit is explained here 


Because the human body is  open , large and complex  we cannot focus solely  on the pathology or the cause of the problem while not addressing  how it affects you.  Below is the context in which I  plan with you, our treatment strategies. By addressing  all three areas in the treatment plan the ability to self heal is enhanced and recovery is more rapid. You may find out more detail about each type of treatment by going to the following pages.



The Patient Visit.
Chinese Herbal Medicines
Massage ( Bodywork)