The Patient Visit



·         Consultation:   I offer a brief consultation with a prospective new patient to determine if acupuncture or herbal therapies may   help address your problem.  There is no fee for this consultation. 


·         New Patient  Oriental Medical Evaluation:   Appointments  are between  1 and 1 ˝  hours and consist of  three parts in which the patient remains fully clothed during this entire evaluation:


1.       Listening  carefully  to your specific story,  the history, and events leading to your present problem or needs.  Asking questions  to clarify  the sources of  imbalance,  and loss of  the ability to adapt to the internal and external stresses that have lead to your current condition.


2.       The physical exam  to gather tangible information to aid in the Oriental Medical Diagnosis. This includes, visual inspection , palpation for  Diagnostic tender point locations, postural  review, movement limitations  and listening to the  various rhythms of  the body including breath and  heart. 


3.      An Initial acupuncture treatment to  engage  your bodies ability to adapt  to stresses and maintain stability.

New patients are asked to:

1.       Come about 15 minutes before your first visit to complete information on the office forms used to aid in diagnostic assessment and preparing a therapeutic plan.

2.       Wear loose comfortable clothing

3.       Wear no perfumes or colognes

4.       Bring any recent medical reports. Examples : Radiologist reports of x-rays, MRI, CAT scans etc ,  Laboratory reports  from your visits to  your doctor’s that may be related to the reason you are coming.

5.       Bring a list of medications and supplements you are currently using , if any.


·         Follow-up visits  are between ˝ and 1 hour long depending on  whether  your treatment plan incorporates multiple therapeutic interventions ( acupuncture, bodywork, heat therapies, breathwork etc.)  Each follow-up visit consists of:


1.      A review of  your progress and additional  questions about improving your health  &  health concerns as well as incorporation of additional information you may have  remembered.


2.       Modifications to your treatment plan if necessary.


3.       Therapeutic treatment  according to your treatment plan.