My Short Biography





Russell Koutrouby  MS  LAc.  LMT


I have spent four decades  in the health care industry in three disciplines.

1.       As a Cardiovascular Researcher at Rusk Institute New York University .

I have published in professional  medical journals

2.       As a Health Care Executive in  ambulatory care systems, hospital systems and in the development of  a managed care organization.


3.      As an Oriental Medicine Practitioner in private practice.


My  educational background includes:

1.      Bachelor of Arts ,  Queens College City University of New York Mathematics

2.       Master of Science, New York University _ Nutrition and Foods

3.        Master of Science,  New York College of Health Professions.-Oriental Medicine

I hold current licenses  in New York State in  Acupuncture and Massage Therapy

I am Board Certified in my professions

I belong to and participate in numerous  professional societies