In this Testimonial Page my patients tell  their own stories.  These are a few of the  many testimonials about how they came to my practice and their stories of success.

Erin:  Dizziness and Vertigo

About six months ago I went for a dental implant but it failed. Ever since I had bouts of dizziness that  my doctors could not help.  It was disrupting my life. I decided to try acupuncture and within a month, no more bouts of dizziness. I can tell  you , it has made a great difference in my life.  E.R.   

Doris:  Long Distance Runners Pains

 I am a  distance runner  and occasionally I strain or sprain something even though I do the stretching and warming up  routines.  This last time it was the side of my leg and it stopped me from my running on and off  for months.  Nothing seemed to help.  I went for acupuncture and some massage from Russ and  I was back and running in no time at all. I highly recommend him for any of your  muscle problems.  D.E.

Paula:  Chronic Urinary Tract Infections

I   am prone to  Urinary Tract infections . Over the years I  have had my share.  This last episode I went through the usual courses  of antibiotics but it just never went totally away.  I decided to try acupuncture and take some  herbs.  Within two weeks  my symptoms were gone and when I went back to my doctor to check for  infection he said I was clear.  It has been almost a year now , I come about once a month and I have not had another infection.  I think  acupuncture and Chinese herbs are great! P.E.

Hanna:  Chronic Nasal Allergies

I have had perennial allergies since I was a kid. I went through years of allergy shots with little or no help  and had resigned myself to  live on Claritin and allergy meds forever.  A girlfriend told me that  acupuncture might help. I went to Russ and  although I knew I was getting better, it wasnít  until I went to lunch one day in May with a few of my girlfriends at an outdoor cafť:  I suddenly realized  that   they were sniffling, with watery , itchy eyes and runny noses, tissues in hand  and I was fine.  Thank you for giving me an opportunity to smell the roses without sneezing. H.L.

Beth:  Dancers Calf Dilemma

I went to  Russ  because I injured  my calf. As a dancer in a performing arts school I always am in competition.  He helped me return to practice within a week.  I am very happy that I did not miss any auditions. Thanks.  E.F.

Barry:  Swollen Legs Like Tree Trunks

  I am retired and have  trouble moving about because of heart problems and swollen legs. Although I am on a lot of  heart pills and a water pill, in the past 4 months the swelling in my legs has not gone down.  I was thinking of getting one of those scooters  you see on television  but my daughter convinced me to try acupuncture and massage.  She had gone to Russ to help her conceive.  I came expecting no  real help. However , to my surprise after the first session I could move better. After two months  the swelling  was noticeably less and I had regained some strength back in my legs. I think that is because I was able to move again.  I canít  thank you enough,   I couldnít see myself  riding around in one of those carts just yet.  B.S.


Darlene:  The Perpetual Winker

 I came to Russ with an impossible twitch   in my eye that was going on for about two months.  It was like I was  winking  every couple of seconds.    A friend told me about botox and I went to the doctor to see if it would stop the constant twitching.  He told me that it had helped many patients but that it might come back in about two to three months in some people and I would need additional botox treatments.  He also told me that there was a chance that that side of my face may droop.  I read more on the internet and decided to try acupuncture.  I went to Russ and after about 10 sessions, guess what, no more twitching.  It has been about six months now and the twitch has not returned.   Thanks Russ, that twitching was driving me crazy.  D.K.

Grace:  Blood Pressure Worries

G. H.  I have diabetes and high blood pressure.  Most of the time they are both under control with the medications I take.  I was referred to Russ from a friend when my blood pressure occasionally shot up for no reason . It always lasted a few days and then returned to a high normal. My doctor changed one of the medications I was on but that did not help.   After I went for about a month of acupuncture treatments I no longer have these scary blood pressure problems.  They  gave me headaches as well. I come once a month for acupuncture  now and that seems to keep me under control.  With my medical problems I am glad that I found a way  that didnít  require more medications.  Thanks again. G.H.

Penny:  Up Tight,  Neck and Shoulders

A friend who had been Russís  patient  referred me to him when I had neck and shoulder pain that would not go away.  I manage an office and am constantly under stress and work long hours at the computer .   He was able to teach me better ways to breath and become aware of my posture. It only took  three times  with acupuncture and  massage  to  remove the tension and pain from my neck.  I come back  about every six months when I feel  my neck and shoulders starting to tighten up. My job is the same, so the stresses are still there but now I know when it is time  to go for a visit before the tensions and pain return.    You really have made a big difference . Thank  you.  P.N.

Mary:  Facing Back Pain

I was referred by a friend who had low back pain and had been treated by Russ.  I had low back pain   on and  off for more than a year and was  being treated at  a  spinal center.  At the time I came for a  visit  I had  already had the three shots  in my back. They helped but within a month the pain returned.  I remember  barely being able to walk through the door. I was in so much pain.  Russ saw the pain on my face and said you can fill out the forms later.  He asked me to show him where the pain was and  to describe the pain.  That was easy.  It was about an eleven on a scale of ten.  What happened next , I still canít believe.  Russ placed a few acupuncture needles on my ear and asked me to walk around the office.  I took a walk about twenty feet and turned around  and the pain was hardly there. I still remember the smile on Russís face.  He knew.  He obviously had done this before.  I went for three more visits in the following week that  included acupuncture and massage.  I  had no more pain.  I am a very active mom running up and down the sideline  at the soccer games.  My friends asked me what I did.  I tell them acupuncture. When I went to my spine doctor he saw the change and also asked me what I did. I told him acupuncture and he said whatever  can help you , do it.  So I come when I feel it is time for a treatment.  Russ, you just canít imagine what a difference you have made. Not to have back pain is a blessing.  M.E.

Sarah:  Open Wide Jaw Pains

My eighty year old mother came to Russ with a terrible back spasm and he helped her. So when I developed TMJ I decided to try acupuncture and massage as well.   The jaw pain and clicking had been bothering me for about two months.  In no time at all I could open my mouth and chew an apple again. It is a pleasure to know that there is a quick way to get relief.  S.E.

Sue & Norm: the Smoking Lamp is Extinguished

My husband and I got a scare when my mother passed away from lung cancer.  We both were smokers si nce  our teenage years. Now in our forties we decided to try to quit smoking.  We went for hypnosis and used the nicotine patch method without success. We heard that acupuncture  could make you stop smoking.  When we went to Russ he let us know that ďposter childrenĒ were rare.  Most times, people were ready to quit and had worked out ways to stop their triggers to smoking even before they came for acupuncture.  He  said that acupuncture can help reduce  the additional stresses, anxiety and depression that keep you wanting to smoke and that acupuncture does work well to eliminate the nicotine cravings.  However,  If you still do not know  the situations that get you to light up and have substitutes ready then you may fail just like we did in the times before.  He worked with us to identify those times and we were then ready to use acupuncture.   I can tell you that the nicotine cravings stopped within about three days but it was those extra sessions for about two weeks that really made the difference. My husband and I  have been smoke free for almost three  years and it has changed our lives.  S.B.