Payment Methods


I accept the following  Direct payments  by you at the time of your visit:

Cash , Check ,  ( Mastercard, Visa , American Express &  bank  debit cards),   Any  Benefit Cards issued  for a Health Savings Account, Medical Savings Account, Flex Benefit Plan or other pre-tax plan offered by your employer.

I do not employ Medical Billing Staff and do not contract with Medical Billing Service Companies. As a result  my fees for the Acupuncture services  I provide are discounted from the fees if you have an insurance plan that covers acupuncture. They do not include the cost of billing and related requirements from third party health insurers.  If your employer has provided you with a benefit plan that insures acupuncture services, I charge a higher fee for my services to adjust for the cost associated with billing and other requirements.

 Commercial Insurance:

Acupuncture and also Medical Massage services are rarely part of  a Commercial Insurance Plan of Benefits.  Usually, the coverage is for a specific diagnosis only. For example , Osteoarthritis of the knee or for a limited number of visits.

I am already a participating provider for a number of plans and I will join (participate) in a commercial insurers  provider network , when my patients have determined that they have an Acupuncture benefit. Otherwise, I am considered an out- of Ė network provider and  I do not collect your required copay and you pay me directly for services.

Commercial Insurers and your employer add, remove  and/or expand coverage for acupuncture services constantly. For a list of  Commercial Insurers and their possible acupuncture coverage go to this page  Commercial Insurers List.

When you cannot determine if your  employer  has added a  specific benefit for acupuncture services to the health insurance plan that you picked,  I will provide you with a bill that you may submit to your health insurance company and receive their usual and customary reimbursement for the acupuncture services.

 It has been my experience that there are a limited number of diagnoses that are covered in health insurance plans and there are usually additional restrictions that are required for reimbursement of acupuncture services.

Other Insurance

I do not participate in  the New York State  Workers Compensation System

I do participate in the New York State Auto Insurance No Fault System

Discounted fee for service networks  created by  a   Commercial Insurance Company

This option is not Health Insurance. It is a discounted fee from a providerís usual and customary fee.

I am not listed in any  Health Insurers discounted fee for service network. My current fees for acupuncture are comparable to acupuncture providerís  discounted fees that chose to  be listed with the commercial  insurer s  network.