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Traditional Medicine throughout the world has similar origins and theories. Both Asian ( Chinese, Japanese ), south Asian India  and what we consider Western (Greek and Roman), are grounded in how we adapt to all the environments we live in.

This environmentalist concept explains the states of health and illness in a single unifying concept - adaptability. We lose our health (get sick, suffer a physical, mental or emotional trauma) through an inability to adapt to one or more of the natural, biological or social environments in which we experience life. Physicians up until the early 1800's followed this concept implicitly. Then a major transformation in Medicine occured. In 1816 a French physician , Rene Laennec developed a wooden tube to aid in diagnosis. The stethesocpe revolutionized diagnosis and technology has been enhancing the diagnostic ability  to find disease ever since.
What has been lost is the whole person. Technological medicine treats the disease and marginally recognises the persons own role in the process of healing. Because of this, the patient - practitioner relationship can be lost.
Technology is a major aid in identifying specific diseases, but it narrows the view of the patient as whole. Our medical technologies are designed to explore or treat the physical aspects of illness, and our attention has been withdrawn from the personal, cultural and social relationships that contribute to the return to health and wellness of the patient. Patients with the same illness or trauma may have come about that illness or trauma in different ways. In the same way, each persons ability to adapt and return to health is also different. This may be because of age, immune capacity, disease progression or other impairments to adapt. Each patient requries a complete understanding of their ability to adapt to all their environments, both internal and external. 

In my practice, I use many technologies to aid in Traditional Oriental Diagnosis and therapy. However, listening to the patients story brings completeness to the healing process and no technology can be substituted for the time it requires.

In my practice the goal is to harmonize the technological with the humanistic aspects of medicine. A review of the case histories and patient testimonials will give you this understanding.
 This site is a window into how the three main types of therapy that I practice may help you to enhance your ability to return to a more balanced state of health. The three main therapeutic types of treatment are Acupuncture, Structural Bodywork ( Massage ) and Chinese Herbal Medicines.  You may find  explanations of these therapies on their Web Pages.  The Web Page  What I Do will give you insight into how I practice. I also use the microcirculation methods of cupping & Gwa Sha and the warming therapies of Chinese Moxabustion and infrared heat.
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